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Testimonial #2010: "Very well structured resume. Captures all the essentials and at the same time highlights the key strengths. Would recommend to anybody looking for a good job." Mr. M. N. [Technical Manager, Design]                    more testimonials

About Us

Resume LABB is India's best resume development service - by far.

Like every other worthwhile enterprise Resume LABB originated from a dream and a resolve. Our resolve was to create a specialist resume sculpting service that could fully utilize our expertise in lucid writing, attractive presentation and striking customization. The dream turned into reality and was soon transformed into a small movement that has already changed the look and feel of the average Indian resume. Since its inception in 2001 we have been instrumental in changing the face of the average Indian resume, Resume LABB has partnered with professionals from various backgrounds to craft resumes that portray their professional individuality credibly and convincingly. 

Time and again Resume LABB has dramatically tilted the scales in favor of our clients by crafting highly targeted, effectively worded and exquisitely designed resumes. Resume LABB's own proprietary discussion and interaction methodology has not only shown a new direction for resume creation, but also affords you an opportunity to a world class interview session - without any extra charges! Today, Resume LABB stands unchallenged as a leading resume creator in India and counts as one of the very best in the country.

Your resume is your most vital career document. At Resume LABB, we know that - and  are fully equipped to create resumes that do justice to your career, skills and aspirations. Resume LABB creates an effective resume that is strong in content, focus, structure and design. We include all relevant details while taking care to exclude all extraneous data. We exhibit details of your career in a compact, logical fashion with emphasis at the right places. Resume LABB designs attractive resumes that highlight the vital portions of your professional self.

Most importantly we create a focused resume that is carefully but determinedly targeted. Also we try to make your resume an interesting read - after all it will be read by a flesh and blood person, like you and me.

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Tip #2: If you have doubtful information, do not include them. Your technical profile would look definitely better with your expert areas than the skills you are not sure of!          more resume writing tips

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