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Resume LABB is an online service and all interactions will be over telephone or email. You can reach us by email or call us on Whatsapp or Skype (after 8pm IST, Mon-Fri). Availing our service is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

1. Payment: You can make an internet transfer or cash deposit to one of our accounts. Please refer charges to confirm tariff and contact us for account details.

2. Resume: Send your current resume and contact details to You can choose between a tele-conversation or an email based interaction. The telecon would be scheduled for a slot at least 24 hours from receipt of payment or resume, whichever be the latest.

3. Discussion: If a telecon is chosen then we will have the discussion over Whatsapp or Skype. If an email interaction is chosen we will send across a questionnaire (in 24 hours from receipt of payment or resume, whichever be the latest) which would require detailed answers from you. Nothing outside our interactions would be a part of the final resume.

4. Delivery: We deliver your new resume exactly 5 business days from completion of interaction. This delivery period begins from your confirmation of sharing of all information required for the resume. We are not available over weekends and other US holidays for the discussion.

Note: Breaking of discussion schedules or putting discussions on hold for more than 15 minutes or delayed commencement of discussions would automatically lead to the questionnaire method (Further requests for discussion slots WILL NOT be entertained). Please read on our terms to understand us better.

Tip #5: Ensure that your resume is coherent, credible, personalized and also interesting          more resume writing tips


15+ years of experience: Years of experience encompassing diverse responsibilities and exceptional accomplishments. Looking forward to strategic roles offering a challenging experience. Get top management resumes at Rs. 12995/USD 190.

10 - 15 years of experience: Function or industry expert. Aspiring to more challenging, authoritative assignments in top management cadre. Get middle management resumes at Rs. 10995/USD 160.

5 - 10 years of experience: Currently in or seeking roles with managerial responsibilities. Time to choose a function or industry to focus on. Get target oriented resumes at Rs. 8995/USD 130.

< 5 years of experience: In the first or second job. Have gained basic understanding of how the industry works. Ready to make your next move. Get your resume written at Rs. 6995/USD 10.

Fresher: First time job applicant (with nil part-time or internship experience), competing with thousands. You require an effective resume the most, as nothing else can speak for you. Get your resume at Rs. 4995/USD 70.

Cover Letter: Introduce your resume with a concise and convincing cover letter. Get your cover letter at Rs. 2995/USD 40.  Buy it together with the resume at Rs. 1995/USD 30.

For Returning Clients

Additional Resume/cover letter: 80% of base charge

Resume Update: >1 section: 80% of base charge; 1 section: 60% of base charge

Linkedin Profile: Summary Profile for Linkedin (and other social networking sites), for 200 words: Rs. 2995/USD 40.  Buy it together with the resume at Rs. 1995/USD 30.

Social Networking sites like Linkednin have become a sought out media for forging business relationships and foraying into a more effective career search. Like every other advertisement, portraying your strengths, competencies, areas of expertise, experience, contributions, achievements, awards and skills set concisely and effectively is important for your Linkedin profile as well.

Add-on Services

Express Delivery (for each day earlier): +25%.; Regular Delivery: 5 business days.

Additional Pages (for each page from 3rd): +25%.

Cover/Resignation/Service letter: Rs. 2995/USD 40. Buy it along with the resume at Rs. 1995/USD 30.

[for 200 words; above 200 words: Rs. 750/USD 10 for 100 words]