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You are either already heading business, sales, operations, finance or IT of your organization/division or seeking roles that gives your the opportunity to do so. Selection and portraying of key milestones and relevant details of your career could make a significant impact here. Though the general tendency is to cover these years of experience, accomplishments and responsibilities, selecting the relevant ones and portraying the milestones of your career is the key to the successful creation of your resume. Again, condensing this massive information into a 2-page document could be challenging, yet rewarding.

Backed with rich exposure to various functions, industries, geographies, domains, skills set, cultures, working environments, you could be looking out for the role that could be the epitome of your career. Years of experience, numerous challenges in diverse situations, immense appreciation from different stakeholders and you are equipped to make your move.

Your resume need not necessarily be the biography of your life. True, that you have several years of experience, numerous accomplishments and a wide range of responsibilities to talk about, but selecting the relevant ones is the key to the successful creation of your resume. Condensing this massive information into a 2-page document could be challenging, yet rewarding.

Current position: Your next move could be a role focusing on a specialty of yours - be it in terms of function, industry, domain or geography. specialty area  might be seeking career enhancement or career transition. You would like to move ahead with a focus on your managerial skills which could have been gained from your experience in  leading teams, guiding channels, handling client relationships, administrating vendors or managing timelines. Displaying your proficiency in managing people, resources, budgets, deadlines, quality or accounts could have a greater say in your resume.

Basic preparation: Jack of all trades, but master of none is not the suggested approach. Identify and portray your mastery explicitly and convincingly. A review of your professional accomplishments, milestones, initiatives and contributions, reference letters, testimonials, client and senior management appreciation can come in handy. Discussions with peers in the industry and establishment of your profile in the industry will give you the needed push.

Way forward: A focused resume is crucial. If you are targeting roles that would be an extension of your recent role, then a resume focusing on these experiences - responsibilities, accomplishments, learning and skills acquired would be good. On the other hand, if you are looking at different roles, then create a resume that highlights your experience in those areas. Be it a functional or a chronological resume, let the first page give the reader the gist of the value addition you can deliver.

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Tip #2: If you have doubtful information, do not include them. Your technical profile would look definitely better with your expert areas than the skills you are not sure of!          more resume writing tips

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