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Testimonial #4723: "Excellent resume. I am happy to note that all positive traits were brought out in a very clear and concise manner."  Mr. K. V. [Field Executive, FMCG]                      more testimonials

If you have < 5 years of experience...get your resume crafted for Rs. 6995/USD 100

Being in the entry level, you form the second largest group of employment seekers, next only to that of a fresher. You could be a Marketing Executive, Programmer, Process Executive, Sales Representative, Developer, Shift-in-charge, Front Office Executive, Accounting Intern, Production Executive, Business Analyst, Relationship Executive, Flight Attendee, Quality Analysts, Merchandizer or Research Assistant .

Your next role could be a natural succession to your current one or could be one that enables transition to a new stream. Either way, drafting a resume that sells your skills and experience pertaining to the target position is essential. A resume is a short synopsis (preferably no longer than a 2-page, do you think the hirers have time for a longer document about you?) of your candidature with reference to your target job. This is the opportunity to succinctly and convincingly tell your prospective employer those reasons why your resume should be short listed and why you should be considered for the interview.

Current position: You must be in your first or second job. By now, you have a basic understanding of how the industry works. The experience so far gained is educative, informative and above all revealing. It could have been very similar to what you expected while waiting for your campus interview or no where near it . Either way, you are fortunate to have benefited from this experience which would help you make some important career decisions. You would now have created a roadmap for your career.

Basic preparation: You have evaluated the benefits and advantages of being in the current industry/function vis-a-vis another industry/function. Your relentless pursuit on the web and numerous discussions with peers and friends has brought you here. What next? You have your road map, industry and function of choice and a short list of companies you need to work for. You know the requirements of these positions and you are going to get there with your resume.

Way forward: Do you think a cut-copy-paste work (from your colleague's, friend's or some sample resume from the internet) would do the job? Do those resumes state the reasons why you are their best choice. Even if you copied it from a twin who shares your profile completely, why do you think that this twin would not be applying for the same position and not be short listed for the interview? Aren't you jeopardizing your and your friend's chance of winning that job?

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Tip #8: The resume is a sales document that introduces you to your prospective employer in a manner that convinces him to have a discussion with you to consider the chances of an association.          more resume writing tips

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